Beach Clubs in Dubai

Beach Clubs in Dubai

Dubai's fine weather and the warm temperatures of the Persian Gulf make the beach clubs worth visiting at any time of the year.


Of the hundreds of beach clubs that have opened in Dubai, there are three that we particularly recommend. We chose them for their ambiance, the young clientele, pool parties, and guest DJs. If you are looking for something calmer, any of the beach hotels will offer that.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is one of the best beach clubs in the city. It has a beautiful swimming pool, incredible views of Dubai Marina, and the best party on Saturdays at a fairly cheap price, including an open bar of food and drinks from 12 pm to 5 pm.

It also enjoys the advantage of being just a few feet from Skydive Dubai, so you will be entertained by the passing light aircraft and gyroplanes, and people parachuting.

Barasti Beach

The huge, elegant Barasti Beach offers free entry with no minimum purchase. It's lively both day and night and is located just a few feet from Zero Gravity, offering the same incredible views.

Nasimi Beach

Located in the Atlantis hotel, Nasimi Beach is one of the most luxurious beach clubs. It's known more for its nights than for its daytime sessions, as it is normally at sunset when the top name guest DJs tend to appear.


While Barasti Beach is free, most beach clubs usually require a minimum fee per person of between 100 AED and 250 AED. At some, such as Zero Gravity's Saturday party, this price includes an open bar of food and drink for several hours.