Work in Dubai

Work in Dubai

Although this is a travel guide, we often receive inquiries about the possibilities of working in Dubai. Here we will outline a few of the important things you need to know if you are looking to make that big leap in life:

Requirements for working in Dubai

The first thing you need if you are planning to live and work in Dubai is a residency visa. This then allows you to obtain a work permit. The easiest way to bypass the bureaucracy is to secure an employment contract before arriving in the UAE. Your company is then legally responsible for the visa application process and the financial costs involved. Once in the country, you are also required to undergo a medical check at any state clinic or hospital, to obtain a health certificate.

Another requisite is to be fluent in communicating in the English language unless you know Arabic.

What type of work is needed in Dubai?

It is important to know that the majority of positions in demand in Dubai are for highly skilled workers or in senior management. If you are looking for low skilled work, please bear in mind that Dubai has a high number of immigrants from poorer, neighboring countries who perform this work for a very low salary.

Construction workers, house cleaners, and other low skilled workers can earn less than €200 a month without breaks or holidays. Their accommodation often involves sharing one bedroom with other people.

Cost of living

Although not quite as expensive as the major European cities such as Barcelona or Paris, the cost of living in Dubai is constantly rising. One of the main concerns of residents in Dubai is that inflation is increasing at a faster rate than salaries.

If you aim to save money over a short period, then working in Dubai is not a bad option. However, there are other cities such as Abu Dhabi and Doha which are cheaper and have a larger ex-pat community.

Before throwing yourself headfirst into the adventure, you should consider that due to the culture, religion, and climate, the UAE is not necessarily an easy place to live. The name Dubai is synonymous with success, wealth, and status within the business world. However, this should be the sole consideration when thinking about relocating.

How to find employment in Dubai?

The best option is to work in a well-established company, or one which plans to open its headquarters in Dubai. Alternatively, you can look for jobs on the following websites: