Accommodation in Dubai

Accommodation in Dubai

The offering of hotels in Dubai has increased on a grand scale in recent years. Here, we highlight the different areas and hotels where you can stay.

Dubai's offering of hotels, just like the city itself, has been increasing rapidly year after year. Besides the endless amount, there is also a diverse variety, from really cheap options to some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world.

Best areas to stay

Dubai is a geographically extensive city and there is no certain district that we would call the center. Therefore, it is necessary to use public transport if you want to visit the different attractions of the city.

There are four recommended areas to visit in Dubai:

  • Downtown Dubai: The Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Mall make this area the busiest area in the city and also to our recommended area to stay.
  • Deira and Bur Dubai: These are the oldest areas in the city and where the cheapest hotels are to be found. A short distance away, you have the souks, shopping malls, and Dubai Creek. This is a lively, bustling area, although it does not reflect the modern splendor of the city.
  • Dubai Marina: One of the newest and liveliest areas of Dubai, and a very pleasant place to take a stroll and have dinner. It is a good alternative to Downtown Dubai.
  • Jumeirah Beach: If the purpose of the trip is to relax and enjoy the beach, then this is the best option. Here you will find the Burj Al Arab, the best hotel in the world.

Hotels in Dubai

The price range of Dubai hotels is vast. Travelers looking for luxury can find it in all forms, while budget travelers can find double rooms from 40 (US$ 43.40).

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Apartments in Dubai

Apartments are increasingly growing popular and have become a real alternative to hotels, especially for families or people who are looking for long stays. You can find the best apartment for you at the best price by clicking on the following link: