How to get to Dubai

How to get to Dubai

Unless you're taking a cruise around the Middle East or touring the United Arab Emirates, the most common way to get to Dubai is by plane.

The most important airline in the United Arab Emirates is Emirates Airlines, considered one of the best airlines in the world. This was one of the first airlines to acquire the famous Airbus A380.

Airlines that fly to Dubai

Emirates is one of the most famous airlines in the world, and therefore you can assume that most major international cities are served by the airline. Qatar Airways is another good option, but long-haul flights to the UK or USA often involve a change in Doha.

Airport in Dubai

Dubai has two international airports, Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport.

If you want more information about the airports or advice on how to get from them to the city center, please consult the following sections:

Arriving from Abu Dhabi

If you are in Abu Dhabi, there are numerous different bus services throughout the day. The journey takes around two hours.