NOL Card

NOL Card

The NOL card (Nol Card) is a rechargeable card that allows all public transport in the city to be used in an easy way. Please bear in mind that it is not possible to pay in cash for any means of public transport in Dubai.

The cost per journey on any of Dubai's public transport varies depending on the distance traveled and the type of top-up card purchased.

It is important to remember to swipe the card at the end of your journey, otherwise, you will be charged the maximum fare instead of paying the correct fare.

Types of card

There are four types of top-up cards that allow you to use the metro, buses and water taxis (all except the red card can also be used in car parks).

  • Red Card: Suitable for very short stays. It can be recharged for a maximum of 10 journeys and the initial cost of the card is 2 AED (US$ 0.50). It can be purchased in any ticketing machine.
  • Silver Card: Card price is 25 AED (US$ 6.80) and includes 19 AED (US$ 5.20) credit. This is the recommended option for tourists. It can be purchased only in some ticket vending machines but can be recharged in all of them.
  • Gold Card: Same as the silver card but the cost per journey is double. It allows the holder to use the Gold Class (VIP) carriages.
  • Blue Card: This is only recommended for residents of Dubai or people planning to work there for a long period.


The lowest fare is for short journeys of up to 1.8 miles, which allows you 1 transfer of up to 90 minutes. For this option, the price is 3 AED (US$ 0.80) for silver cards and 4 AED (US$ 1.10) for red cards.

For journeys of up to 180 minutes with a maximum of 3 transfers, with an area of no more than 2 travel zones. The fare is 5 AED (US$ 1.40) for silver cards and 6 AED (US$ 1.60) for red cards.

For journeys of up to 180 minutes with a maximum of 3 transfers on an area that exceeds two zones, the fare is 7.50 AED (US$ 2) for silver cards and 8.50 AED (US$ 2.30) for red cards.