The World

Dubai is famous across the globe for both its feat-defying constructions and its groups of artificial islands, none more so than the set known as "The World".

Constructed as an ambitious project 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai, next to the Palm Jumeirah, 'The World' is a set of 300 islands arranged in a recreation of a world map.

Only one inhabited island

'The World' islands did not develop according to the original plan. Some sources even claim that the islands are slowly sinking little by little. Up until now, there is only one island, Lebanon, which has completed its installations and opened to the public. Here, you will find The Royal Island Beach Club which includes a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool which offers a range of aquatic activities for its clients.


The islands of 'The World' are located in the middle of the ocean, further out than Palm Jumeirah, and are not connected to the mainline by road or bridge. Although they still have no installations, they are one of the most spectacular landmarks of Dubai. It is well worth taking a helicopter, seaplane, or hot air balloon ride to admire them from above.

If you prefer to save money and your return flight is during the daytime, we recommend you request a window seat on the left side of the plane. This will give you a prime view of the islands. For inbound flights, the right side of the plane will offer the same.