Desert Safari

The Desert Safari is undoubtedly the most popular tourist activity for visitors to Dubai. Every day dozens of agencies make trips into the wilderness surrounding the city. A wide variety of different itineraries and times is offered.

What the Desert Safari involves

The title 'safari' can be misleading, however, the Desert Safari in Dubai is a trip to the surrounding countryside in an all-terrain 4x4 vehicle. The drivers are given free rein to show off their high-speed skills in the style of the Paris Dakar Rally.

The cars accelerate through the sand at full throttle, climbing up and down the dunes and tilting at impossible angles. This activity is not recommended for persons who suffer from back problems or for pregnant women.

The most daring can also rent a quad or try sandboarding down the dunes. Those looking for a more relaxing experience can take a camel ride. Occasionally you can also catch a falconry display.

Types of excursion

Most agencies offer a variety of different excursions, the most popular are the following:

  • Safari with dinner and show: This is the original 'Desert Safari' tour. Besides speeding through the dunes at top speed, it takes place at sunset and includes a traditional local dinner. Participants also enjoy different types of shows, including the famous Belly Dance. This is the essential desert experience for your trip to Dubai.
  • Tours of several days: For those that have dreamt of spending the night in the desert can make this wish come true when they visit Dubai. The desert is one of the best places on earth to gaze up at the stars.

Where to arrange the trip

You can reserve your adventure into the desert right here on this website. We'll take care of everything, including a transfer from and to your hotel, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. For a super low price, you'll see the sunset over the desert, have a delicious dinner under the stars, and enjoy a traditional belly dance show.