Museum of the Future

Built to see, touch, and shape the future of our dreams, the Dubai Museum of the Future was built in a peculiar elongated ring-shaped building that seems to float in the middle of Dubai's impressive skyline.

The museum at a glance

The exterior of the Dubai Museum of the Future has a modern and imposing ring-shaped appearance made up of more than 1000 silver plates that were produced by robots. It's also decorated with massive and elegant strokes of Arabic calligraphy.

Once inside the building, we'll find 30,000 square meters (320,000 square feet) that make up a striking interactive museum. Visitors can marvel at the wide range of exhibitions on virtual reality technologies, artificial intelligence demonstrations, the solar system, and the future of humans in outer space.

The museum is divided into 7 floors where visitors can explore how modern technologies are applied to human welfare in the health, transport, and food sectors.

Buy tickets for the Museum of the Future in Dubai

If you're planning on visiting this highly recommendable new attraction in Dubai, you can buy tickets online at the following link:

Museum of the Future ticket


Daily from 10 am to 9:30 pm


Adults: 149 AED (US$ 40.50)
Children under 4: free entry

Museum of the Future Ticket 149 AED (US$ 40.50)


Metro stop: Emirates Towers