Dubai Explorer Pass

The best way to save money in Dubai is to purchase the Dubai Explorer Pass which gives you free entry to the attractions you prefer. This sightseeing card lets you choose up to 7 attractions around Dubai and enter for free.

Included attractions


Included attractions Adults Children 3 to 11 years old
3 attractions 177.10 (US$ 192.30) 144.30 (US$ 156.70)
4 attractions 219.20 (US$ 238) 181.70 (US$ 197.30)
5 attractions 266.10 (US$ 289) 223.90 (US$ 243.10)
7 attractions 359.80 (US$ 390.70) 294.20 (US$ 319.50)

The majority of attractions offer free entry for children under 3 years old.

Where to buy the Dubai Explorer Pass?

You can buy the Dubai Explorer Pass on our website via the following link:

The guide includes a guide with the opening times, detailed maps, recommendations, and directions to all the attractions included on the Dubai Explorer Pass.