Water Taxi

Water Taxi

If you had to choose the most inconvenient and expensive way to get around Dubai, it would probably by the Water Taxi. The hiked fares and the limited number of stops make it of little interest.

Dubai's water taxis run between 10 am and 10 pm and can accommodate groups of up to 11 people.


Fares for the Dubai Water Taxi are calculated based on the distance traveled between the 26 different stops in the city.

For example, the route between the Spice Souk and Dubai Marina costs 330 AED (US$ 89.80) and crosses between Bur Dubai and Deira 75 AED (US$ 20.40).

Hardly worth considering

The price of land taxis in Dubai is considerably cheaper. If you are simply looking to take a boat ride, then there are better options that Water Taxi.