Motiongate is a Hollywood themed amusement park that contains the best attractions of Dubai Parks and Resort. Find out all about it. 

Areas of the park

Motiongate brings to life three of Hollywood's most legendary film studios: Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, and Lionsgate.

The park has numerous attractions, lavishly decorated down to the last minuscule detail, that include multiple roller coasters, 3D shows, water rapids, and virtual reality attractions among many other options that will get your adrenaline pumping!


If you want to skip the lanes, you can buy your Motiongate ticket in advance on our website at the following link:

How to get to Motiongate

Dubai Parks and Resorts is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. It's quite easy to get to Motiongate whether you have a rental car or prefer to travel by cab. The metro also reaches the parks area, but it's quite a long walk from the stop to the actual park, so you might decide to take a cab once you get off the train.