Built with the magic that surrounds the mythical colored LEGO bricks, Legoland is Dubai Parks and Resort's most familiar theme park. The park has 15,000 structures consisting of more than 60 million bricks, more than 40 interactive games, shows, and attractions.

Areas of the Park

The park has different thematic areas, among which Miniland stands out especially, but all of them are capable of delighting young and old.

  • Miniland: Made up of more than 20 million bricks, this interactive area features some of the most emblematic buildings in the Middle East, especially in Dubai, built to scale with LEGO bricks.
  • Factory: The first stop on the visit is the factory, where you can see how LEGO's magic begins with the creation of its mythical bricks.
  • Lego City: In this surprisingly interactive area you'll have the chance to pilot a plane, steer a ship, or become heroes by saving a burning building.
  • Imagination: LEGO fans will have the most fun in this section where they can build vehicles that they will then have the chance to drive.
  • Kingdoms: In the medieval area of the park the knights and princesses have the chance to visit the King's castle as well as shoot their adrenaline by climbing the dragon roller coaster.


If you want to avoid queues, you can book your ticket to Legoland in advance on our website from the following link:

How to get to Legoland Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, and very easy to get to via car or taxi. The metro also can get you to the park areas but you'll have to walk a long stretch from the station to the parks themselves, or even take a taxi from the metro station to the park entrance.


Everyday from 10 am to 6 pm (may be subject to change)


Adults: 295 AED (US$ 80.30)

Legoland Dubai Ticket 295 AED (US$ 80.30)