Taxis in Dubai - Types of Taxis in Dubai

Taxis in Dubai

Due to the limited public transport network in the city, your stay in Dubai will almost certainly involve using taxis on numerous occasions. However, the price is very reasonable and will not break your budget.


The taxi fare is 5 AED (US$ 1.40) to start and 2.19 AED (US$ 0.60) for every kilometer during the day and 5.50 AED (US$ 1.50) at night. When you order a taxi by phone, the flat fare is doubled.

When getting a taxi at the airport, it'll carry a supplement of 25 AED (US$ 6.80) (30 AED (US$ 8.20) for oversized or special cabs).

When the taxi waits, the meter will run 0.50 AED (US$ 0.10) per minute.

For example, the distance between the Jumeirah Palm and Deira is about 70 AED (US$ 19.10). Short journeys between Bur Dubai, Deira, and other nearby places cost about 15AED to 20 AED (US$ 5.40)(the minimum cost per journey is 12 AED (US$ 3.30)).

Taxis can also be booked for half a day or a full day. The price of renting a taxi for 6 hours is 500 AED (US$ 136.10) and the price for 12 hours is 800 AED (US$ 217.80).

Pink taxis for women

Like parks, swimming pools, beaches, subway cars, and many other places, women in Dubai have their own taxis. They are pink vehicles driven by women.

Be careful with the taxi drivers

Although it's fair to say taxi drivers here generally don´t seem to want to trick tourists, as in other parts of the world, driving can often be described as crazy and dangerous. The United Arab Emirates is the country with the highest rate of road deaths in the world.

We recommend that before you get in the taxi, check that you have a fully functioning seat belt in place because they are not always to be found.