Bollywoods Parks

Bollywoods Parks

Bollywood Parks is the world's first theme park dedicated to the Indian film industry. There you will find music, shows, and fun all day long. The park recreates the charm of old Bombay along with some of the big Bollywood box office hits.

Areas of the park

The park has five areas inspired by Indian cinema that invite visitors to immerse themselves in a world of adventure, romance, action, comedy, dance, and emotion, all seasoned with the flavors of delicious Indian cuisine.

  • Mumbai Chowk: This area recreates the streets of Bombay offering visitors the chance to enjoy the best Indian dishes seasoned with a festive atmosphere.
  • Rustic Ravine: After exploring the streets of the big cities, in this area, you'll discover rural India.
  • Royal Plaza: This area is home to the Rajmahal Theatre, an unparalleled stage for enjoying the colorful musicals of Bollywood in the purest Broadway style.
  • Bollywood Film Studios: In this area, you'll have the chance to discover how the big Bollywood blockbusters are created.
  • How to get to Bollywood Parks

    Dubai Parks and Resorts is located on Sheikh Zayed Road so it's very easy to get to Bollywood Parks whether you have a rented car or by cab. The metro also reaches the area the parks are located in, but you'll have to walk quite a ways from the stop to the parks, or take a cab once there.